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Tagg is your place to brand! We believe that in the digital world, the better you can brand yourself, the more genuine the connections you make will be. We have created an environment that allows for full creative expression of oneself with no restrictions or stigma. You should be unapologetically you while making friends and keeping up with trends!

Our Values

1. Unplug from the Matrix

Changing the status quo and wrecking norms is what the startup world is all about. At Tagg, we embrace this pioneer mindset.

2. Never stop learning

Success depends on everyone's willingness to get better at whatever it is they do. The desire to learn is what sets apart good companies and great companies. We are a cross-functional team, jack of all trades, learn to be master of all.

3. Collaboration overcomes hitting a wall

We believe in the saying “two heads are better than one”. The belief that every single one of us is in this together and giving 100%, is core to our culture. Everyone is willing to lend a helping hand.

4. There is always room for innovation

As humans, creativity is what drives us as a species and in the startup world, the most avant-garde ones end up changing the world. At Tagg, we want you to be confident in your "crazy Ideas because, without that none of us would be here.

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