Can Anyone Be A Content Creator? 7 Tips On How To Get Started

*Quick Fact* Recent data shows that micro-creatives (those in the range of 3,000 - 10,000 followers) are getting the best results for brands and businesses. They’re getting more engagement, more clicks, and higher ROI (you can look this shit up if you don't believe us).   

Deterrents like not having much structure and being unappreciated, might mask that your value is actually at an all-time high! In addition to this, it is relatively easy to start creating content online as people still do want to connect with REAL people. Platforms like Tiktok, Snapchat, and Twitch have made tools for creating captivating content very accessible. 

Get into it Yuh

There are many types of Creatives, but we put together some tips that should apply broadly, no matter your creator niche: 

Research your industry every day:

  • Stay on top of trends 
  • Know what kind of content you feel comfortable and enjoy creating and how to capitalize on new events. This will ensure that the content you're creating is both relevant and high quality!  

Create regularly:

  • This means that inspiration for content is all around you! In the shows you watch, the opinions of friends, nature…you name it. So always be ready to write an idea down that you can come back to. 

*This is one of the reasons you should create content based on things you actually like, lol*

Start creating on low-intensity platforms: 

  •  Sometimes, it can be intimidating to hop on bigger platforms with all the eyes and pressure to create. It is nice to ease your way into content creation and test out different types of content to find what works without feeling too shy. So start with content that does not last forever, like IG stories or Snapchat! Since this content can disappear, feel free to try anything! If it doesn't work, no worries it will be gone by tomorrow. If your are more of the written content type, try starting with tweets. You can test how an audience reacts to you, your ideas, and the voices in your head (jkjk lol…unlessss - 👀 👉👈) through likes and retweets. Then transition to blogs or newsletters on platforms like Substack and Medium. The coolest thing about this method is that you test out different types of content and also build an audience!

Study your audience and understand your KPI’s:

  • You are a social-engineer! Learn to study your analytics from these media platforms!! Try out multiple things and then look at the numbers. Once you understand the engagement patterns of that particular platform, you now have the power to pick what type of content you want to put out and the reason; for enjoyment, for engagement or both! At earlier stages, you can even take this a step further. Pay attention to some of your initially dedicated followers. Observe who they follow and what they like and this will allow you to better cater to them. Remember, if you focus on making those few followers happy, millions will come. 

Network at every opportunity:

  • Meeting other Creatives is fantastic because it opens doors to collaboration and growth for your brand. React, borrow, and duet other Creative’s content. It is an excellent way to network. Just be sure you give credit where credit is due!

Be your favorite self at all times:

  • You are more than the content you go or have gone viral for. So be personable and don’t be afraid to create content that shows your other interests! Your followers will resonate with the authenticity, equating to more loyal fans! We know this is hard as most social apps hinder free expression. However, there are ways to bypass this like some app called Tagg (we’ve heard its pretty fucking cool) 

Don’t feel discouraged: 

  • It’s important to remember that you are also making content for yourself and you have every right to share that with the world!! Being a Creative is not about the following you have, it’s about creating the presence you want for yourself online. Be proud of it and the fact that you're brave enough to do it!

Finally, if you’re worried about a shortage of followers in your desired niche we can tell you that’s ludicrous. There’s like 7 billion people in the world bruh. Another common misconception is that Creatives are not fans and vice versa...The truth is that most Creatives are huge fans of other Creatives! And This Creator to Creator admiration is where collaborations stem from. This is literally one of the best ways to grow your brand! So go now - share content, meet other Creatives, and be unapologetically you! 

**And DEFINITELY use Tagg to help you get started ;) 

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