What the F*ck is Social Branding?


Social-branding is the intersectionality of branding yourself and the social behavior of connecting. It runs on the doctrine of connection through interest-based content creation.

It is a marvelous realm where a creative can uncover the beauty of manifesting their own space online filled with content based on their interests and passions all while discovering other creatives through their content!

You see, Tagg is the only social platform where connecting with people happens through branding yourself!

The possibilities are endless

Gen Z and Self-branding online

This idea of social-branding is hugely desirable amongst Gen Z as a recent study from Morning Consult revealed that 88% of Gen Z considers their online presence their brand and understands the avenues this personal brand can be used to take advantage of.

All that said, it is hard to effectively brand online. This is because the current social platforms were not built for this new way of socializing. Have you felt like you want to share content around a newfound passion like slacklining, dancing, singing, etc. but posting it to your IG or Tik Tok would be off brand for you? That is exactly what we are talking about.

Currently self-branding online has a bunch of negative connotations but we want to restructure the vibe around it because we Gen Z’ers happen to communicate through branding. For example: most times, even before we get to know someone, we naturally make a read on them by the aesthetic they have captured on social.

Some of the negative connotations include:

  • Current social platforms are not built for multiple interest-based content sharing. This obviously pushes you to present yourself in a very one-dimensional manner. For example: if I create cooking content and garner a community around that, it becomes incredibly hard to show the other things I am passionate about like fitness or gaming for fear of clashing. So many creatives are eventually faced with this tension between content I will enjoy creating vs content I feel my community wants to see.

  • Taking the initial steps of self-branding online can be a bit isolating as you would naturally feel your friends and community on social might see you as vain or a try-hard for sharing the content you want to. You might feel like some would even mute you and the pressure of all this makes it hard to continuously confidently share.


Unfortunate but we got you

Why Tagg?

Tagg is social branding for Gen-Z micro-creatives. A place for creatives to build a brand and connect with other creatives. A community of like-minded people all growing together!

We live in a world where creating your own space/vibes is as easy as pressing “record” on your phone. We see this through Tik Tok trends or posting aesthetically pleasing/coherent photo dumps on Instagram. Yet there is still this toxicity towards this idea of branding.

Tagg lets creatives connect and build with each other in an environment where nothing is off brand but everything you do, adds to the brand you are building! We want you to expand past content creation of what you have already gone viral for, and into content creation based on your interest and passions. Tagg is a place where you can always be your favourite self!

We are ultimately evening the playing field of self-branding online. Allowing everyone to feel comfortable when it comes to branding themselves to meet people who align with their presence. 

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