Want to leave your mark on campus?

Socially lead your student body to a fun, inclusive, and inviting environment by being a part of the Tagg Team!
Join the Tagg Team!
Who we want on our team

We are looking for courageous college students that are highly involved within their school’s community. Join a team of young creative tastemakers to gain work experience and kick start your marketing career! Here are some key characteristics:

Entrepreneurial  -  Ability to pitch and execute creative marketing ideas that drive buzz. Able to identify community trends, negotiate partnerships, host events, stay up to date with the latest marketing trends and platforms. You are a problem solver that can take the initiative and finish projects.

Social and Involved  -  You are known and involved with your campus, and you create engaging and creative content on your social media!

Outgoing  -  You love engaging with others in real life or on social media! Having traits like being friendly and approachable allow you the natural ability to connect and relate to others in various situations.

Team player  -  You are comfortable collaborating and sharing new ideas with a team. You can hold other team members accountable. You are willing to execute creative guerilla marketing stunts with your team.

Passionate  -  You portray Tagg’s core mission of genuine social connections wherever you go!

What is the day-to-day like?

We encourage our ambassadors to treat their campus as a canvas for creativity and innovation. You'll also be responsible for supporting grassroots marketing, events, partnerships, local PR, community research, and content creation to grow awareness for Tagg as a social platform and brand. Here is a short description of the structure:

Each campus has one Campus Director who leads our marketing efforts at that university, plus multiple Campus Ambassadors. Campus Ambassadors support all marketing initiatives organized by their Campus Director.  However, each ambassador will have a unique scope.  Only a 4-5 hour weekly time commitment

Campus Directors  -  In charge of the team on your respective campuses. From event planning to the overall output.

Campus Marketing Managers  -  In charge of advertising and content creation.

Campus Media Managers -  In charge of your school’s Tagg IG page.

Campus Outreach Managers  -  (Social-engineers) focused on penetrating different niche groups on your campus.

What You'll Get

Secure the Bag  - You'll earn a monthly stipend. While also having the opportunity to earn extra bonuses based on task completion, performance, and ideas you come up with!

Exclusive merch - Tagg gear, just for you (with an opportunity to suggest new items).

Creative Leeway - You are free to think outside of the box and pursue the projects you want to. Pitch these ideas to us, and once we approve them, we'll provide you with all the resources you need to pursue them. You'll have the opportunity to bring your idea to life on campus.

Why is life better when you Tagg Team?

Stack your resume
Becoming a student ambassador will allow you to showcase your innovative intellect. This program pushes you to develop essential marketing skills while building and validating relationships for your future career. You will have lots of fun while honing your professional skill sets. We can provide a letter of completion or recommendation letter to those who have shown high-quality work.

Network glamour & Real connections
Tagg has a strong collegiate network of other tastemakers and innovators, bringing unique ideas to life across the country. Being a part of the Tagg Team will help you cultivate these important relationships, connecting you with like-minded creators as you start building your professional network.

Enjoy the moment
Being a student ambassador will allow you to fully experience the college lifestyle as you leave your mark on campus. You will be given the creative freedom to bring Tagg to life on your campus through exciting events, unique stunts, and inventive tactics. College can be one of the best times of your life! Take the opportunity to try new things.

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